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Ranked 1st in best story/setting for the "I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game" Jam.




1. a clumsy or awkward youth.


1. awkward or clumsy. "his hobbledehoy hands"

What would you do if you saw that your best friend was troubled by something? Would try your best to make them feel joy again, or just watch from the sidelines and see how everything plays out.

For a young boy, he is forced to hear a sad tale from his best friend, but slowly realizes that the main character in the story reminds him of someone very close to him. He is very happy that his friend decides to share this story with him, but slowly sees that even though the pictures are drawn by an innocent child, there is something very grim hiding in their colorful strokes.  

Can he change the course of this sad tale, or will he be forced to listen to it's sorrowful words...only you can help him make that choice.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJen&Sis Productions
TagsCute, Dark, emotional, RPG Maker, rpg-maker-mv, sad


Hobbledehoy v 1.1.0.zip 266 MB
Hobbledehoy Demo 147 MB

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Yes, yes, yes, yes! I love everything about this game so far! It has that same storytelling feel that Voices of Friendship had with a smidge less menace, but without losing that edge.

The characters are adorable, the way you've designed this is also adorable and I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here! Mikey is on board (as expected, I would imagine!).

Keep up the amazingly awesome work =)

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We are so excited to say that our game "Hobbledehoy" has was ranked 1st in the best story/setting of the "I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game" Jam! I makes us proud because we worked out butts off with the short time window we were given. Thank you guys for your continued support, and we just wanted to share this small victory with you guys. There is definitely more to come from Jen&Sis!!